Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Feeling Peachy with The Library of Fragrance

If there's on fragrance brand that has been at the very top of my wish list recently, it's The Library of Fragrance. All my favourite bloggers have been going mad for these scents; review after review I've become obsessed! So imagine my excitement when I was offered the chance to try one of the scents. 

The Library of Fragrance products are produced by Demeter Fragrance Library Inc (a New York company). They began in 1996 with just three scents (Dirt, Grass and Tomato) and now they have over 300! 101 of these scents are available here in the UK via the The Library of Fragrance website, with a select few available in Boots. The premise of the business is to create scents that surround us all day every day, but are often under appreciated.

The scents are simple and uncomplicated. They capture one single scent at a time and they are subtle. This allows you to appreciate one single scent or layer them up to make something unique to you. I didn't even have to look at the list, from prior research, I knew exactly which one I was going to go for; Peach*! I'm completely in love with Peach, I eat them, I drink them, I shower in them and now I have my very own peach perfume. To say I'm feeling peachy, would be an understatement (excuse the pun). 

If you're intrigued, the top selling scents from Library of Fragrance are Baby Powder, Pure Soap and Clean Skin. The ones I have my eye on next are Fresh Coconut, Rain and Mango. Have you tried anything from The Library of Fragrance?

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