Monday, 2 March 2015

Zap & Clear | Green People

When it comes to blemishes, I don't think there are any "magic solutions" - however this beauty definitely comes close. Zap & Clear Serum by Green People* is a spot-clearing serum which provides 'effective zapping action'. It has a strong anti-bacterial action and it gets to work straight away. 

Sounds a bit too good to be true right? Thankfully it's not! I've been applying this on blemishes as soon as they appear, sometimes during the day, but normally over night. I dab this directly on the spot and you can feel it working straight away (you can feel it tingling away). When you wake up in the morning blemishes are not completely gone but they have reduced in size and any redness dramatically reduces. Just keep applying the product (several times a day if needed) and the blemishes completely disappear. It's in a little tube, so it's perfect for your handbag should you need to apply at work or on-the-go.

Recently I've been struggling with a lot of blemishes on my forehead, they've been really red and really quite sore. I tried a whole heap of things but nothing could clear them, along comes this and it starts work straight away.

As it's made by Green People you can be sure that the product is made ethically. 88% of the ingredients in this are organic and it's made without nasties. I love that Green People have this promise against all their products; no parabens, lanolin, alcohol, artificial perfumes or colourants.

Pick up Zap and Clear directly from Green People here for £10.95
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