Friday, 20 March 2015

Battle of the Brow Gels

Battle of the Brow Gels - Maybelline Benefit Rimmel More Brows

Today I'm sharing a post that I like to call the 'Battle of the Brow Gels'. Four brow gels, four different colours, four different brushes, but which one is my favourite?

Lets start with the first brow gel I ever tried; Maybelline's Brow Drama.
Brow Drama really opened my mind to discover the brow gels of the world. I received it in a Glossybox and I instantly fell in love. It's a good colour match for my brows, it adds some definition and it holds the brow well. The biggest limitation is the brush - I'm not sure why it has a big round brush, but it's pretty hard to use. There are three colour options plus a transparent shade. I give it 6/10 - pick it up for £4.99 here

The next brow gel I tried was Rimmel's Brow This Way
When you consider that this brow gel is only £3.99, it really blows me away. Again there are four shades to choose from, one being transparent. This is quite a wet brow gel but it doesn't leave your brows sticky or crispy. It really has a perfect formula! The brush is better than the Brow Drama, I make a lot less mess when I use this. However, for me it just needs to be a little smaller to aid precision. The colour is pigmented and it adds some real definition to my brows. I give this 7/10 - pick it up for £3.99 here

By this point I was really obsessed with brow gels and I decided to invest in Benefit's Gimme Brow
This is a big deal for me, as I don't have a whole heap of 'high end' products. However, it was getting some pretty rave reviews and I had to try it! Gimme Brow really does it all; for me the colour is right, the texture is right and the brush is perfect. I know the brush is quite a subjective thing but I like the precision brushes. Of course, this product is much more expensive than the drugstore alternatives, weighing in at £17. The only thing that bugged me about this gel is that the brush distributed way too much product. I give this 8/10 - pick it up here.

The final brow gel in my collection is More Brows by Model Co.
This always made its way into my home via Glossybox and I never ever expected to be impressed. However, you can see by the pictures that this brush is almost identical to Gimme Brow. Except this time it doesn't pick up too much product on the brush. The colour match really is perfect for my brows and the little fibres inside give me a new lease of definition. It only costs £10 which is in the middle of Gimme Brow and the highstreet, which isn't too painful at all. The only problem is that you can only get it from the Model Co website. I give this 9/10 - you can pick it up here

More Brows is definitely my favourite of the four I've tried, however it is a close battle. Out of all the products I've tried, none of them have really disappointed me. I'd just like to see some work done on the brushes! I'd love to see the high street embrace the smaller brushes, as they are both great formulas, they are just harder to use. Have you tried any of these brow gels? Which one would come out on top for you?
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