Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The View From The Shard

For my birthday last month, Chris and I decided we'd experience 'The View From The Shard'. I'm a little bit obsessed with London, I know in hindsight it's a smoke-filled, polluted city. But for me there is something a little romantic and magical about it. We booked our tickets online the day before and opted for the 'Champagne Experience'. Booking tickets online actually works out quite a bit cheaper than booking on-the-day (which is about £9 for the Champagne Experience). 

The Shard is London's highest view and you can view London from floors 68, 69 and 72. They claim that it's almost twice the height of any other viewing platform in London. It's really something quite special up there. You can see 360-degrees from The Shard and you can see up to 40 miles. 

It's quite fun wondering around and pointing out the landmarks, near and far! They also have interactive telescopes that give you more detail and point out things you might have missed! We were really lucky and had a pretty clear view of London, but if you manage to get unlucky with the weather you can be issued tickets to come back again for free.

We went on a Tuesday afternoon at 3pm and The Shard was empty. If you have the option to go on a weekday, do it! There are a lot of negative reviews that say that weekends are really busy and you get herded around like cattle. They also say that the staff are rude but we only encountered lovely staff on the day. Everyone is kind and polite, they even offered to take pictures for us!

If heights and good views are your thing I HIGHLY recommend visiting The Shard. We had an amazing time and it really is quite magical! 
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