Monday, 23 February 2015

Nails by Mavala

Mavala are not really a brand I'd experimented with before. However, after trying an incredible top coat, I got the bug and I needed to try some colours. So I headed to Feel Unique and picked up a little gift pack filled with beautiful colours.

I have three shades; Ruby, Berlin and Marrakech and I've been really impressed. The quality, pigmentation and formula are all on point. They are really easy to apply and dry very quickly. By far my favourite is Berlin; it's a really lovely grey shade, I've been loving grey nails at the moment!

I have to say I adore the packaging too, they are lovely little bottles and I'm a fan of the detailing on the lid. They are the perfect size, they are not too big which makes them really great for travelling. Which is good news as I'm actually in Germany this week! Mavala claim that the colour will not dry out before you reach the bottom, I'm excited to test this out! 

The best bit? Mavala nail polishes are formulation without toluene, camphor, dibutyl phtalate, colophane, formaldehyde and added nickel. They are also really affordable; this set of three only cost £9 and are under £5 each. 

Have you tried polishes by Mavala?
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