Saturday, 7 February 2015

Inhibitif Body Serum

Sometimes you find a product that's a totally new concept and you have no idea what to expect. Inhibitif hit the shelves last year and it took the world by storm. Inhibitif claim to reduce hair growth so you don't have to shave/wax so often. 

I honestly had no idea what to expect from this product, but decided I'd give it a go. Basically you shave or wax and then apply this to your skin twice a day. You have to be quite dedicated to the cause as you have to do this for 2 months, but Inhibitif say you can see results from 2 weeks. The Body Serum feels exactly like a serum, in the bottle it looks like it would be quite oily, but it's not. It's actually a really nice texture and it absorbs quickly into the skin. It doesn't say exactly how much to use, so I just sprayed it 3 times and rubbed it in. 

I actually saw results very quickly, seven days into the programme and my hair growth had definitely reduced. My skin was also less tender and ingrowing hairs had reduced. Safe to say that it have my motivation a kick in the bum! I then went to San Diego and I didn't have room in my bag for this, my hair growth definitely picked up again but it wasn't dramatic. However, what I did see the difference in was my ingrowing hairs, they were coming back again with a vengeance! 

I'm back on the Inhibitif wagon now and I'm seeing great results again. My hair growth is definitely reducing everyday and my ingrowing hairs are disappearing. I'm looking forward to finishing a full 2 months of application and seeing the difference. I will definitely report back with my final results and how I'm getting on.

The Inhibitif Body Serum costs £30 and I think it's totally worth it. For me it's purely worth it for the ingrown hair reduction, let alone the hair removal. You can buy it directly from DECIEM here.

Have you tried Inhibitif? What did you think?
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