Friday, 2 January 2015

Prime Steak & Grill | Restaurant Review

When it comes to Christmas celebrations, my friend Amber and I, we like to do something fancy. So when 'Prime Steak & Grill' popped up my search for Christmas menus in my nearby area, I knew it was the place to visit. After sending Amber the menu and us both drooling over the options, we booked a table and hot-footed it down there. 

Prime Steak & Grill is located in St Albans, Hertfordshire and is really easy to get to. We just parked in a car park nearby and took a 5 minute stroll to the restaurant. The restaurant itself was beautifully decorated and the staff were lovely throughout. 

Lets get on to the good stuff; the food! Prime Steak & Grill were offering a special lunchtime festive menu two course menu for £22 and a three course menu for £35. Both had the option to upgrade to a steak for an extra £5. We both went for three courses and both had a steak, you can't go to a steakhouse and skip the steak!

Let me stress that we don't normally eat in places this pricey, it was completely a festive treat but it was so worth it! I was completely blown away by the standard and quality of all the food. 

To start I opted for "Deep fried brie, seasoned breadcrumbs, dressed leaves and smoked chilli jam". Brie is quickly becoming one of my favourite things! The serving was pretty generous (almost too generous) it had two large chunks of brie and it tasted delicious.

For main course I had "Rib Eye Steak: Known as the butchers favourite. This cut has beautiful marbling that melts during cooking to give amazing flavour." I chose triple cooked chips and a BĂ©arnaise sauce as side dishes. I always ask my steak to be cooked 'medium' and for me it was cooked to perfection. It had the perfect amount of pink and it had some a lovely flavour. Those chips are as good as they look; chunky, crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle!

We were stuffed after the mains, so we sat chatting for half hour or so and then went for dessert. I opted for "Berry Pavlova: Light crisp meringue with fluffy centre, whipped cream, Strawberry, raspberry & blueberry compote". I was expecting a little tiny pudding and then a beast arrived. It looked incredible and it tasted even better! I've never had a meringue with a fluffy centre before but it was lovely! The fruit was good too, normally at this time of year berries can be a little soft and flavourless but they were gorgeous.

You've probably guessed but I really enjoyed our meal at Prime Steak & Grill. Although it is not somewhere I can afford to eat very often, the price was totally worth it! I was so impressed with the quality and the taste. If you're looking for somewhere to go for dinner and you live nearby, check out Prime Steak & Grill. You can visit the website here

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