Saturday, 1 November 2014

Ways To Follow My Blog


A handy little list with all the places you can find me!

Bloglovin - Hopefreedomlove and Missusher3
This is my go-to place to follow blogs and I'm sure lots of people do the same! 

Twitter - @hopefreedomlove
I tweet more than I should and I have no shame about it! I share my never ending thoughts and always tweet links to my latest blog posts!

Instagram - missusher3
I'm a bit of an Instagram addict and I never go long without snapping something on my phone. Whether you want to see pictures of products or countless pictures of cake and pizza; this is the place to go. 

Pinterest - HopeFreedomLove
I recently redesigned my Pinterest boards to be a little more logical. I have a simple 'all posts' board where I put links to everything I've written about. Then I also have boards that have been split into categories such as 'beauty reviews', 'beauty boxes' and 'nails'.

Facebook - HopeFreedomLove
I've got a dedicated Facebook page which you can follow. Here I share all my links to new blog posts and I also share Instagram pictures here too!

Posts may include press samples, all press samples are always indicated with a * next to the product name. Some links included in this post are likely to be affilate links, but please be aware that posts are NOT affilate driven. If you want to know more, check out my full disclaimer.

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