Saturday, 1 November 2014

Ways To Follow My Blog

A handy little list with all the places you can find me!

Bloglovin - Hopefreedomlove and Missusher3
This is my go-to place to follow blogs and I'm sure lots of people do the same! 

Twitter - @hopefreedomlove
I tweet more than I should and I have no shame about it! I share my never ending thoughts and always tweet links to my latest blog posts!

Instagram - missusher3
I'm a bit of an Instagram addict and I never go long without snapping something on my phone. Whether you want to see pictures of products or countless pictures of cake and pizza; this is the place to go. 

Pinterest - HopeFreedomLove
I recently redesigned my Pinterest boards to be a little more logical. I have a simple 'all posts' board where I put links to everything I've written about. Then I also have boards that have been split into categories such as 'beauty reviews', 'beauty boxes' and 'nails'.

Facebook - HopeFreedomLove
I've got a dedicated Facebook page which you can follow. Here I share all my links to new blog posts and I also share Instagram pictures here too!
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