Tuesday, 7 October 2014

September Favourites

Another month has passed and it's time to welcome in October. Before we start preparing for cold weather and halloween, I wanted to share my September favourites. I don't have a packed lineup this month, just a couple of items have made the cut!

Collection All About The Eyes Palette
I shared a full review of this palette a couple of days ago but I still want to share the love. This palette has had a lot of fantastic reviews and rightly so. This retails for a tiny £3.19 but the quality is amazing. You get six shades which allow you to create a whole host of natural eye looks. The colours are pigmented and not at all chalky, well done Collection!

LOreal Miss Manga Mascara
This mascara had some lovers and some haters when it was first released but I'm a huge fan! I think it's so easy to use and you get incredible looking lashes really quickly. The wand is a cone shape which allows you to reach all your lashes easily. It packs a load of volume into the mix which is what I crave from mascara!

Aperture by Ulrich Lang

Aperture is a brand new unisex fragrance which has launched at Liberty's. It's quite a woody scent, but there's something quite different about it. I actually didn't think I'd like a unisex scent, but this is really nice for the colder months!

I'm back on a healthy push and I've been trying to go for night walks every weekday. It's in the hope of losing some weight but also bringing down my blood pressure. I downloaded the RunKeeper app onto my phone and I've been loving tracking my progress. The app can track a whole host of activities including walking, running, cycling and swimming.

That's all for September, what are your favourites this month?

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