Saturday, 18 October 2014

Sephora | Serious Bank Balance Damage

Yep, something terrible happened to my bank account. A friend holidaying in America and me taking a business trip across the pond, led to bad items falling in my basket. I act all hard done by, but lets be honest, this is heaven. 

If you're eagle-eyed you'll notice a couple of items that I didn't actually pick up in Sephora. I headed to Target one evening in San Jose and picked up a couple of things. First up is the Maybelline 'The Nudes' palette, I hear that this is coming to the UK but I have no idea when. It only costs $10 in the US, so with the exchange rate it's as cheap as chips! The second thing is my first ever NYX blusher! You can get this in the UK but it can be quite difficult. This was only $5 which is like £3, super cheap!

On to the good stuff! Top of my very extensive list was the Tarte Rainforest Palette, I had been eyeing this up for ages. It's a limited edition palette featuring six eyeshadows, a highlighter, bronzer and a blusher. The internet makes this look really small but it's huge! This thing is heavenly! Because clearly two eyeshadow palettes are not enough, I went on to buy another two. This seems a lot worse when you reflect on your purchases afterwards. In my defence I have an eyeshadow addiction. Is that even a good defence? The Marc Jacobs Style Eye Con No.3 was next. I picked up the shade 'The Innocent' which is a set of three perfect shadows for a brown smokey eye! Last on the list is the very teeny Smashbox Full Exposure Palette in the travel edition. This one has eight shadows which is just perfect for travel! 

Moving swiftly on, it's time to talk about my second biggest purchase in the haul. The Tarte Pin Up Girl Blush Palette. Yep, this baby has FIVE of the Amanzonian clay blushers inside of it! When I saw it I couldn't resist and I knew this had to come home with me. I've been wanting some more of the blushers for ages and this is the perfect way to increase the collection. Keeping on the blusher bandwagon, I also picked up the Sephora Bronzed and Blushing Face Palette, this cute black number only costs $15 and has two Sephora blushers and a bronzer! 

We're reaching the final furlong on this haul now, with just two more items left to talk about. I couldn't resist the Laura Mercier Inner Artist Quartet which features four mini Laura Mercier products. There's a mini 'Eye Basics' in Wheat which is like a base eye colour. A baked eye shadow in Black Karat, a mini Universal Invisible Setting Powder and a mini fan brush. Last on the list is a Formula X nail polish, everyone and their wife raves about these! I went for my favourite colour which is a sky blue and it's so so pretty! 

I look at this blog post and feel a bit guilty, but then the joy of makeup sets in! ;) What's on your wish list for Sephora? What's the best item you've ever bought?

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