Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Weekly Roundup #10

Hello! Welcome back to another ‘weekly roundup’ I hope you’ve had a great week. This last week was pretty exhausting! It was fairly busy, on Wednesday I had to leave work a little early to nip to the doctors. It was just a flying visit but of course they were running late as usual. We went straight from the doctors to Daytona MK, as Chris had booked an evening of Go Karting. I grabbed my Costa Latte Cooler (I told you I was addicted last week) and sat by the sidelines. I took lots of video and a few pictures, which I hope to edit into a bit of a film at some point.

On Thursday we had a ‘graduate orientation day’ at work, basically all the new graduates visit work for the day. They get breakfast, a BBQ lunch and an afternoon of Go Karting laid on for them. It’s my job to capture these kinds of events, so I went along to take pictures and video. The heat was blistering, although I managed to not burn my skin, I noticed in the mirror this morning that my scalp is a bit red!

Friday was a rather relaxed day at work, although the temperature was sky high again! When the weekend came around I had one plan and one plan only; SLEEP. I just felt knackered. 2 weeks of commuting 4 hours a day really takes it’s toll, so I’m happy that’s over. Chris and I were in bed by 10pm on Friday night and we slept through until about 8, it was blissful!

I didn’t really get that much sleep though for the rest of the weekend if I’m honest. On Saturday I had a lazy morning and then headed into town to run some errands. I had some returns to make and I also went into Boots. I didn’t go mad though, I just used two of my No7 vouchers to pick up two makeup items! We had tacos and fajitas for dinner, I think this is possibly one of my favourite meals!

On Sunday we got up early and headed over to a local shopping center! I had hoped to find a cropped cardigan and a few other bits but I was fairly unsuccessful. I did however pick up two flower headbands, I was talked into it by Chris’ little sister! They are super cute, I’ll definitely wear them on holiday but will need to pluck up the courage to wear them to work! We spent 3 hours of the afternoon cleaning a very moldy gas BBQ, in the hope of having a BBQ in the sun. However, it turned a bit cloudy and cold which annoyed us no end!

Back at work this week we’re preparing for a big event. Next week is our Annual Partner Meeting, there is a lot to get ready. I’ll be staying in Cambridge for the week which is always really pretty, they sun always seems to shine!

How has your week been so far?

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