Thursday, 12 June 2014

Lunch at Prezzo

It wasn't very long ago that I featured a review of my dinner at Prezzo. My friend Amber came down to visit me for the day and we headed out for lunch, we were wandering around St Albans and decided to head into Prezzo for food. We are huge fans of italian food and it's always a sure choice for us when we go out. 

As we looked through the menu, we both vowed to try something different, I set the side down! For a starter I had the 'Mozzarella in Carrozza' which was just mozzarella in breadcrumbs with some really nice pomodoro sauce. I got four pieces, which I thought was a really generous portion size! Amber had the Calamari which was also a really good portion. We also had a side of cheesy garlic bread to share, although when it arrived it had no cheese. The waiter said to keep the garlic bread and he'd bring us a new one which never arrived. 

Our mains arrived and surprise, surprise, I chose the Carbonara. Which is actually the exact same thing I had on my date night with Chris, I have to admit it was yummy but it wasn't as good as last time I had it. We asked the waitress about the bread which hadn't arrived (and a glass of Fanta I'd ordered 15 minutes ago) and she was very apologetic. She bought it over really quickly which was super helpful of her. 

After the mains she popped back with the dessert menus, she explained that she was going to give us dessert on the house for the bad service, which of course made us very happy! I picked the Honeycomb Cheesecake and let me tell you it was the best Cheesecake I'd ever eaten! It was beautiful and more than made up for the average Carbonara!  

All in all the food at Prezzo is really nice, it's well priced and the portions are pretty good, the service however leaves a little to be desired! They don't seem to give you a designated waiter, so you get 4/5 people come to the table, which seems to lead to mistakes being made. However, they were really quick to fix the problems when we took the time to complain, so I think that's really good customer service!
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