Friday, 20 June 2014

Bargain Summer Scarfs

I've got a bit of a fashion post today (if you can call it a fashion post). I really love wearing scarfs to work, as a little finishing touch to an outfit. I also love wearing them with my leather jacket, i just think it makes them look a little more finished. 

At this time of year I'm not really wearing scarfs for warmth, it might not be the height of summer but it's too warm for a fluffy scarf. Instead they are more accessories. For a little while I've been buying my scarfs on eBay for a very good reason. I'd been shopping around for some light weight scarfs, when I came across lots on eBay for £2-£3. 

Beautiful scarfs for £3 sound too good to be true, but they are not! They get shipped from China so they take a little while to arrive, but if you are not in a rush there are literally no disadvantages. Most recently I picked up this beautiful elephant scarf, but I've ordered lots of others too. I'll leave some of my favourite sellers below for you to check out!

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