Friday, 23 May 2014

Paul Mitchell Dry Wash

I'm here today with a review of the Paul Mitchell Dry Wash, but it's a little different to a standard dry shampoo!

The Paul Mitchell Dry Wash is a dry formula which just like a standard dry shampoo, leaves your hair looking freshly washed and smelling lovely. The Dry Wash has a powerful direction spray which allows you to direct the product in the right section of your hair. What's different is that the dry shampoo doesn't have any powder or residue inside, so when you spray it you don't get the grey look that you get with other brands. So instead of rubbing it into your scalp, you just have to brush it through and it's undetectable! This means that no matter what colour your hair is, it will work for you! It does an incredible job of removing excess oil from your hair and I love using it on my fringe on second day hair!

The Paul Mitchell Dry Wash is quite expensive though, priced at £9.95 for 50ml and £18 for 250ml!
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