Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Nails Inc 'Chester'

When the Nails Inc Feathers collection launched last year I fell instantly in love with them. So when I saw I had one of the collection in my Nails Inc Nail Polish Diary I was pretty happy! Last weekend I finally got it out for a play and I’m seriously impressed, these polishes are everything you expect and more! They really deserved all the hype they had! The feather effect nail polish in ‘Chester’ features little blue, yellow and peach strands which give the illusion of feathers to your nails.

In my swatch you can see a single coat, followed by two coats, the nail polish really allows you to play around to get your desired look. Nails Inc even encourage you to go for 3 coats to give your nails a really full coverage. I wore this over the weekend over a mint green nail polish and it just looked beautiful! I think it's a lovely alternative to wearing glitter and the pastel shades are perfect for the impromptu sun! 

I’ve been looking around on the web and it looks like Nails Inc are actually discontinuing these polishes?! I thought I better get this post up asap, because if you move quickly you can grab this in the sale for a tiny £5. It’s a total bargain at that price and I really recommend you treat yourself. You can pick up some of the other feather shades too, which I’m trying to not be tempted by!

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