Tuesday, 4 March 2014

LUSH Secret Santa | Shopping The Stash


I'm still working my way through my LUSH goodies which I picked up in the LUSH sale after Christmas. The LUSH Secret Santa is the latest to leave the nest!

The Secret Santa bath bomb is absolutely huge, I think the idea is that you smash it up to 'reveal' the secret, I'm not one for trying to break these LUSH products, they just turn it into a messy situation. It's a great idea but I chucked it straight in. The bomb itself is made to look like a cute Santa's Grotto, it looks lovely, LUSH say it's modelled on the original LUSH store. As I chucked it into the water, the bath bomb instantly changed the colour of the water to bright orange, it leaves a rust colour in the water. Chris actually commented that he didn't find the colour very appetising but it doesn't bother me! The colour did leave a residue around the edges of the water in the bath, so it's not the easiest to clean. I have to say that this bath bomb was over pretty quickly, you're talking a matter of seconds from start to finish, which is a bit mental for it's size! It was an enjoyable bath but it wasn't the best bath I've ever had, fun none the less!

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