Thursday, 20 March 2014

Glossybox March 2014

I recently decided to opt for a six month subscription to Glossybox, I hadn't unsubscribed for a long time and I figured I'd just invest in order to save some pennies. There are all sorts of conspiracy theories to say that six monthly/yearly subscribers get the worst boxes but I figured it can't be all bad. My box arrived last night and I photographed it straight away to share it with you this morning (excuse the iffy photography!)

Glossybox tend to be the box that is most consistent for me, but this month I feel like I've got a bit of a random selection of colours and products to choose from. Lets start with the Sleek Pout Polish, marketed by Glossybox as a cult makeup brand item. I was actually excited to try this product, I don't really wear lipstick and opt for sheer lipglosses or natural pigments, so when I saw that a lot of people had been given the neutral colour I was pretty excited. However I've received a bright purpley pink shade, I'm not sure if I'll get much use out of it, I'll give it a go but I'm worried it will be far too bright for me. 

Next up is the Bellapierre eyeshadow in Sunset, which is a rich red/pink colour. Bellapierre are back in beauty boxes it seems, and it doesn't bother me too much as I love the formulas. However, this colour doesn't look like something I'm going to use. 

I know Vita Liberata is a great brand, but I feel a bit put off by these two tiny sachets, I feel like it's something I'd get as a freebie from SpaceNK or somewhere and it's a bit of a cop-out. I have really light skin and I don't self tan, I'd be so scared of screwing this up seeing as it's set to 2-3 weeks! A full size bottle of this tan is very pricy at £37.50, I'd never use that on tanning as I just don't see the value of it but I know plenty of others do!

The Mitchell and Peach Body Cream is a unintrusive item that I'm sure I'm going to like. My skin always used to be well hydrated and oily all over my body, but now it's really dry, so I'm up so trying any moisturiser. The full size of this is a whopping £36 but looks like it comes in some rather tasty packaging!

 As always I'm always excited to receive hair products in my boxes, I love testing them out as I feel like you can see results instantly. I like the look of the Dove Intensive Repair treatment, my hair has been pretty dry since it's been permed so I'll be excited to see if it works! This is actually a "full size item" and is a quick treatment shot, I think it retails for £1.50!

And there you have it.. the contents of my Glossybox. I feel like this box had great potential for me but I'm a bit put off by the colours. I hope that they are not as bright or garish as they seem as they I'll get to use them! Sachets as samples never go down well and I would much prefer something cheaper in a size I can really test, that's for sure. I just don't see how Glossybox has paid attention to my surveys this month, they are normally really good at picking me colours to suit! 

Please Glossybox, don't let me regret my six-month subscription!
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