Monday, 17 February 2014

Week Six | 5:2 Diet

Week six is over on the 5:2 diet, let me tell you it's been emotional roller coaster this week! I've had a million (and one!) things on my mind and it's been hard to shift them. Luckily if you read yesterday's post you'll know that we finally have our home, that's one weight lifted!

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Day 36: Monday 10th February 2014 (Fast Day)
On Monday there will be no surprise that I had my standard fast day combination. I’ve found that this combination of meals really works for me, scrambled eggs for breakfast, crackers and cream cheese for lunch and salad for dinner. I had ham and egg this week and we cooked the egg so it was still soft and a little runny, absolute heaven!

Day 37: Tuesday 11th February 2014 (Normal Day)
On Tuesday I was definitely having a hungry hippo day, as Chris calls them! I was starving! I had my standard scrambled egg breakfast with ham, which just works for me. For lunch I had the Cream of Tomato Soup from the fresh section in Sainsbury’s. It’s so yummy and it was really nice to have a hot lunch. I was getting the train home and it was hard work to ignore the cravings to buy a Crème Egg!  However, I did resist the temptation and ate my little pot of grapes. For dinner we had pizza and wedges (with a large helping of mayo shh!). On Tuesday I started some light exercise and I did a quick 10-minute session on the exercise bike whilst dinner cooked. I burnt around 125 calories, which isn’t a huge amount, but I’m just doing this with baby steps.

Day 38: Wednesday 12th February 2014 (Normal Day)
On Wednesday I was sat in a meeting all morning and I managed to completely miss breakfast (despite the two cups of tea!).  I’d stopped in M&S on the way to work and picked up a few different lunch options for the rest of the week.  I had the ‘Fuller for Longer’ Green Thai Curry and I have to say it was simply delicious! It’s the best microwave meal I’ve ever had, it tasted amazing! I can tell I’ll be tempted by that again in the future. I was late in from work (ETA 8pm) so I had a very late dinner of Mushroom Tagliatelle, actually one of my favourite meals. We make this buy frying bacon, mushrooms and onion in a frying pan, we add around 50ml of single light cream and leave to simmer with a pinch of black pepper. We then cook some fresh tagliatelle in a pan, mix it all together and hey pesto, a yummy meal in literally 5 minutes! I had a very yummy stack at work too, red grapes, green grapes and some very nice blueberries!

Day 39: Thursday 13th February 2014 (Fast Day)
Thursday was of course a fast day and literally no part of me wanted to fast. I felt tired, hungry and damn right emotional, but I was going to at least give it a go! I started the day with two cups of tea before having scrambled eggs and it did not satisfy the hunger one bit! Making it to lunch time was definitely a struggle! For lunch I had the Fuller for Longer meal from M&S and it was Meatballs and Spaghetti, another hit! It was so yummy, works out as 380 calories. Dinner was a ham and egg salad. Though it all went downhill when we ate the white chocolate covered shortbread I bought Chris for Valentines Day! Oops!

Day 40: Friday 14th February 2014 (Normal Day)
For breakfast I had my normal friday treat from work, a cooked breakfast, one Friday I'll kick this habit, I promise! I didn't eat lunch till 3pm and actually I barely touched it. I had another of the M&S Fuller for Longer meals which was supposedly Beef Stroganoff, I didn't think much of it if I'm honest! For dinner we had pasta bake with french stick, we just made a quick and easy meal as we were heading over to our new home (see yesterday's post). We celebrated our new home with a glass of pink champagne and some very moreish biscuits that our estate agents gave us in our cute welcome pack.

Day 41: Saturday 15th February 2014 (Normal Day)
I did my usual Saturday routine, skipping breakfast, but I did have a yummy Nescafe Vanilla Latte. We spent the morning ordering replacement locks and things for the new flat, had some lunch and headed over. I had crackers and cheese with some pickle, I had the standard Jacobs Cream Crackers with these rather than my choice grain alternative. We spent the afternoon over at the flat decorating, I had two more of the moreish Borders biscuits before coming back for dinner. We had Spaghetti Bolognese, garlic bread and a nice sprinkle of cheese! I had a large glass of wine to reward me for my hard decorating work!

Day 42: Sunday 16th February 2014 (Normal Day)
We got up bright and early on Sunday to head over to the flat and do a full days work on the decorating. So I just grabbed a quick cereal bar (one of the Special K Crispy Chocolate ones that I like) and made a quick latte when I got there. It all went downhill from there as Chris’ mum had bought lots of cakes and biscuits over to keep us going. I had three McVites Chocolate Digestives as a quick snack mid-morning. For lunch I had crackers and cheese again, this time with no pickle. As a snack in the afternoon I had a fresh cream jam doughnut, which are one of my weaknesses. Though I probably haven’t had one of these for 8 months which is good going! For dinner though we had Chinese! Egg fried rice, chow mien, beef in black bean sauce, duck and pancakes and spring rolls, it was a complete and utter feast! I ended this with some incredible ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s it’s their All or Nutting flavour that they’ve just released which is so scrummy, its hazelnut heaven if you happen to be a fan!

I was super pleased that I lost a pound when I stepped on the scales this weekend, which is a bloody miracle because it hasn’t been a good week at all! So glad that I’m losing it again!
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