Monday, 24 February 2014

Week Seven | The 5:2 Diet

Week seven on the 5:2 diet, quickly turned into a disaster, learn why here!

Day 43: Monday 17th February 2014 (Fast Day)
After a week full of crap last week I was ready to start the week with a bang! All set for a strong week on the diet. I started the day with scrambled eggs, had some crackers and cream cheese for lunch and then I was all set for my salad in the evening. I got home to find that we were having fish and chips for dinner as Chris' mum had been out all day. So I ended up having cod and chips instead of a salad!

Day 44: Tuesday 18th February 2014 (Normal Day)
On Tuesday I had my eggs for breakfast, followed by crackers again for lunch! I did actually have my salad on Tuesday night so I actually had a bit of a fast day on Tuesday instead of Monday! Except the fact that I then had a complete dip in dedication, devouring a bounty mid-afternoon. The whole day came in at about 1060 calories, so it was in no way horrendous, but it wasn't fantastic. 

Day 45: Wednesday 19th February 2014 (Normal Day)
On Wednesday I started my day in the usual way - scrambled eggs! I think you all know by now that every week day I have scrambled eggs for breakfast! I was getting the train to work and I couldn't resist stopping to get some of the M&S Fuller For Longer Meals. I picked up Thai Green Curry, my lord, this meal is incredible. It tastes so authentic but is a ready meal amazed! 

Wednesday was my fifth anniversary and Chris cooked me an absolute feast! We had breaded mushrooms to start, followed by Spaghetti Carbonara and garlic bread. For dessert we had some of the amazing ice cream by Ben & Jerrys, we had the All or Nutting flavour which is my official favourite! The day weighed in at 1773 calories.

Day 46: Thursday 20th February 2014 (Fast Day - or not!)
On Thursday I had an important meeting, which involved commuting into London and it wasn't something I could have tackled on a fast day! I had breakfast at around 11:30 and had two slides of cheese on toast, something to set me up for the day! 

When I arrived in London I stopped for a bite to eat in Pret, I had a large hazelnut latte followed by an Italian Baguette. On the way home I grabbed a Costa Red Berry Cooler, which I loved although it gave me huge brain freeze and a gluten free Cherry Bakewell! I'm not allergic to Gluten it just caught my eye! For dinner Chris' mum wanted to use up some fresh tagliatelle, so we had Mushroom Tagliatelle for dinner, which was yummy but didn't round off a "fast day" in great fashion! Add on the rest of the All or Nutting flavour ice cream and you quickly reach 2256 calories which involves chucking a fast day in the bin! 

Day 47: Friday 21st February 2014 (Normal Day)
On Friday I had some scrambled eggs for breakfast and picked up another Thai Green Curry for lunch (I'm officially addicted!). Dinner was some yummy salmon with mash potatoes, carrots and peas. We went to the flat after work to get on with some decorating and was there till after midnight, I was exhausted.

Day 48: Saturday 22nd February 2014 (Normal Day)
We got up at 7am and headed back to the flat for decorating. I had a Special K cereal bar for breakfast with a Nescafe Vanilla Latte. Followed by a cheese baguette for lunch with a portion of Ritz Crackers! We had lots of biscuits and things in the afternoon to get through the decorating lag! We had guests visiting on Saturday night so left the flat at around 5pm, we had pizza, wedges and garlic bread for dinner. With a slice of vanilla cheesecake for dessert!

Day 49: Sunday 23rd February 2014 (Normal Day)
Sunday didn't involve breakfast as we headed to the flat super early again, but for lunch I had a cheese baguette again with some ritz crackers. For dinner we had Lasagne with garlic bread and a load of different snacks and cakes to get us through the day! I also had two vanilla lattes, I was completely knackered and needed an extreme caffeine kick! 
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