Saturday, 22 February 2014

Topshop Nails Haul

For as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with Topshop Nails, I love everything about them; the colours, the formulation and the price point! So when I nipped on the website and noticed that there were lots of polishes for only £1, I had to buy some! 

I'm a bit glitter polish obsessed, I love them and it was actually only the glitter polishes that were going cheap, so I was in heaven! The colours I picked up (left to right) were; Epiphany a holographic silver strand polish, Circus which is a gold strand glitter, Hope Floats which is a truly stunning purple and blue glitter and finally, Costume Ball which is a stunning rose gold!

I'm sure these polishes will be appearing on my blog again in the near future, but I think with these and my Models Own haul, I've topped up enough on the glitter polish front! It's definitely worth keeping an eye out in the Topshop sale for makeup products, I've had some real bargains in the past! I cannot believe these only cost me £1 when they are going to get so much love!
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