Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Best Valentines Day | Our Home

2014 will be a Valentines Day I'll never forget, I didn't get red roses, or a marriage proposal, instead our purchase completed on our first home. 

If you've followed this blog for a while you'll know that Chris and I lived together for three years at University in Southampton, but in February 2013 we decided to buy our first place. It's been a long old, year long struggle to finally own something though. We first searched in February half term 2013, falling instantly in love with a tiny little flat in Harpenden. The home had a short lease which needed to be extended, but the estate agent and owners wanted us to complete quickly which would put our future in jeopardy. After the first purchase fell through we fell in love with a second home in the same block, it needed significant work but we were up for it. The owners of that one decided to pull out of the purchase as they decided it wasn't the right time to sell. Then in September 2013, we fell in love with the best home yet, a beautiful spacious two bedroom apartment in Oakland and Mardley Heath (Welwyn Garden City all bar the shouting). It took five months for the purchase to complete, but finally it's ours and we're over the moon.

Of course now the real hard work starts, although the home is more than liveable, we want to decorate everywhere so it's our perfect little space, expect some home updates and wish lists in the very near future!

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