Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year Empties | 2013 Forever Repurchased

No, not a selection of empty alcohol bottles, a selection of empty beauty products! These are the products that I discovered in 2013 and finished up countless times, the '2013 Forever Repurchased' collection. 

I haven't stopped using this since I picked it up earlier this year and it's been repurchased at least five times over. I'm really enjoying using it, a bottle lasts me roughly a month and it's normally on offer in Boots for around £3.50.

I picked this up ages ago as an alternative to the Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo and although I've never used the Bumble and Bumble version I can safely say I don't need to. Using this shampoo once a week has transformed my hair from a greasy mess to a manageable set of locks!

Beyond a doubt my favourite scent from The Body Shop, I have such a soft spot for coconuts! Body Butter is second to none, non-greasy and uber moisturising!

Again a firm favourite of mine and forever repurchased, I love this moisturiser, it transformed my skin earlier this year and it's never looked better, simply apply it every morning before makeup to stay spot free!

My friend Amber introduced this deodorant to me earlier this year and it's blooming fantastic, it really is 'Maximum Protection' 

Batiste is another product that I've just whizzed through this year, its a fantastic product and I cannot believe it's taking me so long to fall in love with this!

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