Monday, 30 December 2013

Haydon's Traders Cupcake Bath Bomb

Before Christmas I posted about the Haydon's Traders Bath Products I purchased at my works Christmas Bazzaar. Last night I tried out one of the Cupcake Bath Bombs, a bath bomb made to look like a cupcake, the bottom of the cupcake is said to be a standard bath bomb, which fizzes and creates a lovely bubble in the bath, the ‘icing’ part is a mix of cocao butter and oil.
I have to admit I was fairly unimpressed by the bath bomb. Although it fizzed instantly as it hit the water it created no bubbles in the water and did nothing to the scent or appearance. Also the oil part of the bath bomb didn't actually melt and disappear which deemed it completely pointless. Although these are made by a little company, they are small in size and retail for £2.50, the rough price of a LUSH bath bomb and I don't think the quality even compares. Which is quite sad as I had fairly high hopes! 

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