Monday, 7 October 2013

Shake Up My Makeup: October

If you're a blogger, or even just a woman, the chances are that you have too much makeup, lets face it, we're only human! Even with 75% of my makeup collection currently in storage, a lot of my makeup is sat in a box. I keep a bag of makeup on my dressing table, which I use everyday and I just get stuck in a rut. So from now on, every month I've going to 'shake up my makeup' and pick out some products that I haven't used in a while. So here is this months bag:

In this months bag I have: Liz Earle Colour Sheer Skin Tint I love this skin tint, especially using it as a base for foundation. Next up is RImmel's Match Perfection foundation which is one of my favourites for a natural skin look. Next is the Healthy Mix Concealer, which I bought ages ago and haven't even used yet! I haven't worn eyeshadow once since starting work three months ago, so October is dedication eyeshadow month. First up I've taken out my Maybelline Color Tatoo in 'On and On Bronze' and then to wear on top I've taken out one of my MAC duos. For eyebrows I'm going to try out the Brow Drama mascara that I bought a little while ago! Last but certainly not least, I've taken out two blushers, one my Sleek and another by NARS, which definitely needs some love. It's such a shame for that to be left in a box for too long. I also have some other staples that I use every day regardless, such as mascara, pressed powder and eyebrow pencils.

What's your favourite makeup item which needs more love?
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