Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Weekly Pamper Routine

Once I week I dedicate some time to some beauty rituals, I figured it was time to share these with you guys.
First up I wash my hair with the Herbal Essences Fresh Balance Clarifying Shampoo. My hair is really oily and greasy and I rarely get one day without washing my hair, so I was in the market for a clarifying shampoo. Before splashing out I decided to try out a cheaper version, at the moment I'm using the Herbal Essences version once a week. I follow the Fresh Balance shampoo with the Lee Stafford Bling Intensive Conditioner. It helps put all the stripped moisture back into my hair and I've been using it for quite a while. I next use the Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, I've used these three times now and I am impressed with the results so far. Lastly I use this Neom Real Luxury Body Scrub, which is incredibly decadent and rich. It leaves my skin uber soft and I smell amazing all day!

Do you have any products that you save for weekly pamper sessions?
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