Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lifestyle Post - Fun at the Beach

This weekend the weather was absolutely beautiful, which meant Chris and I could not resist a trip to the beach. Very soon we'll be moving from Southampton, so it was a great idea to explore some of the South Coast whilst it's still less than an hour away.

On Saturday we went to Friars Cliff, a little beach filled with beach huts.
The main park is right on the beach and it's a very short walk to the beach front. Also with the beach huts there is a little cafe, as well as toilets etc. It was really pretty and although there was quite a few people around, it was really calm and quiet. We went for a stroll along the beach in the water and then sat for a while and watched the world pass.

On Sunday we got up early and prepared a huge picnic, packed the tent and the picnic rug and went to Highcliffe Beach. At this beach there is no disabled access, to get there you park in the car park inside Highcliffe Castle and there are steep steps to the beach. The beach is a mixture of sand and stone, at the back it's all sand, but closer to the water there is a lot of stone. However, it's easy to find a sandy spot and is a lot quieter than Friars Beach next door. There is a clear view of the Isle of Wight and all the amenities at this beach are up on the cliff face, but it's only a short walk to get to. I really enjoyed the beach on Sunday, it was quiet and peaceful. There were beautiful dogs running around which supplied endless amusement. It was wonderful and hot which meant Chris went for a dip in the sea, rather than him with me (I'm not a fan of waves) It was also very hot, hotter than we realised as we stupidly got sun burnt. Not just a little bit either, we are red raw now and in agony! That will teach us! 

We both really love Bournemouth beach and have visited several times, but these small, quiet beaches are beautiful. They are nice and quiet and you have so much space to enjoy!
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