Sunday, 17 February 2013

Smooch Duo Eye Shadow in Dare to Bare

Smooch was a brand new company which was launched just last year and ever since I first saw them on Holly Arabella's blog, I've wanted to get my hands on something from the range. I cannot count the amount of times I've headed onto the website filled the basket and realised I probably should not spend anymore money on cosmetics. So when one of the ladies on Beauty Box Swaps had one going I snapped it up straight away.

The producers of Smooch Cosmetics explain that the idea came from a drawer of lingerie, hence the uber cute packaging with the lace detail.

"Smooch’s velvety eye shadows have deep long lasting pigments, they glide onto eyelids effortlessly and are fab for any occasion. Use the soft gold and peach shades on their own, or blend the colours together for a more sultry and contoured look."

The eye shadows in shade Dare to Bare, come in a very robust packaging which is very similar to the Sleek and Nars packaging we know very well. The cute matt black packaging is always a winner with me. It has a proper seal which clicks shut and has a huge mirror inside the lid. When I swatched these eye shadows I was not expecting a huge colour payoff, but they are fantastic and the colours are stunning!

The Smooch eyeshadow duos retail for £9.50 and the website often has a freebie offer on purchases over £13, so it's definitely worth placing an order. You can find Dare to Bare here

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