Saturday, 2 February 2013

LUSH Sale Buys

Yes my name is Stephanie and I'm a shopping addict. Sales scream to me like a poor little lonely puppy saying "Stephanie please buy me, I'm lonely and I have no friends". Okay maybe that's all a little full on but it's true, sales are my addiction.

I know what you're all thinking (other than "is this woman insane") Steph go on a spending ban, and you know what I could, but I'd fail. So onwards and upwards! I recently placed a tiny order with LUSH even though I have two of these items already. Although they are Christmas stock and they'll soon be gone forever, so that's okay right?

First up I bought the Midnight Massage bar, which is one I don't have yet and I haven't tried, I love the clock design. I also bought Slammer which is a shower gel which is described to be perfect to use in the morning! It's one of retro shower gels that you cannot pick up in store so I couldn't resist! The last two items are things you would have seen in my LUSH haul before Christmas! First up the Snow Globe soap which smells so good I needed a spare and of course a Sandy Santa! I can't resist him, he's so cute! All this for under a tenner posted? Bargain if you ask me! Did you buy anything good in the sales?

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