Thursday, 31 January 2013

My New Header (Robyn Makes Things)

Robyn Makes Things
If you visit my blog regulary you may notice that I've recently created a new header, although I wish I was a swish graphic designer, I did have a little bit of help. The amazing Robyn from robyn makings drew an amazing picture for my to use. Robyn is super talented, I've worked with a lot of graphic designers through University and I've never been as impressed with anyone I've worked with. Robyn asked exactly what I wanted and created something with all my wishes. She also worked super fast and finished my image in a whopping 24 hours. I just wanted to give Robyn a quick mention as she definitely deserves the recognition! 

You can visit Robyn at she runs a fantastic little blog. She's also on twitter @xrobynm and email
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