Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Why I love my TOMS

I saw the amazing Lily Pebbles talking about her TOMS being the most comfy shoes she's ever worn for long days and such and I started researching them.

I really struggle buying shoes, I'm a standard UK size five but I have really wide and flat feet. So buying shoes is a nightmare, they are either too long or too narrow, but they always end up ripped along the side edge so they are always a waste of money! Safe to say that within an hour of researching these a pair was in my basket, paid for and winging it's way to my house. I chose the classic black pair as I'm not exactly adventurous! I love them. They really are super comfy, because not only do they mould to your feet, they fit my wide feet and are supportive enough to help the pain I get in my knees from my flat feet! They took a wearing in to make them wide enough, and I won't lie, they hurt when I was pushing them out to fit, but after that moment I've had no problems! Hell yeah for comfy shoes!

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