Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler

"An innovative hairbrush that is just too busy being fabulous! Cute in size and big on style, it can be popped into your bag and pulled out in a New York minute to reboot hair in seconds. Has a removable cover to protect the patented and innovative teeth from fluff and dirt."

Recently my hairbrush disappeared off the face of the earth, it just vanished. I couldn't find it anywhere and as I'm sure you're aware, a girl cannot last long without a hairbrush. So I hunted round for a replacement. Now before the world of Beauty Blogging I would have walked straight into my nearest Boots or Superdrug and brought a simple brush for £3 and been done with it. But no, the plague of Beauty Blogging now apparently affects my hairbrush buying ability as well as the make up. If you've never heard of Tangle Teezer you must be on cloud cuckoo because everyone raves about them like there's no tomorrow. So when it came to buying a new brush, I new what I wanted, a Tangle Teezer, especially when I found this uber cute Leopard Print version! Now I didn't know where to start, as of course now you can choose between the original and compact versions, but I opted for the Compact. First of all I love that my version is called FELINE GROOVY how very clever, I love the print! Now I do not suffer with knotty hair, nor is my hair long and wavy, it's a short bob which is naturally straight and just sometimes gets knotty at the ends. So although I cannot tell stories about this gliding through my knotted hair with ease, I can say that it's really easy to use and fights the knots I do get effortlessly! I've now substituted my old brush for this and when I use the old one I can feel it tugging at the roots and it now feels super painful! This brush needs no further introduction, just buy one!

We won't mention that as soon as I brought this brush I walked into my bedroom and found my silver barrel hairbrush sticking out from under my bed.

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