Friday, 21 December 2012

Paul Mitchell Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray

"Paul Mitchell Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray is a one stop shop for big hair. You can now get the volume you desire with this ultra firm finishing spray. It fights, frizz, flyaway’s & flatness to give you all day volume for larger than life hair!"

Do you suffer from hair with no volume which just stays flat no matter what you do? I have the product for you!

I brought this Paul Mitchell Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray on a bit of a whim, I think I had a £3 voucher for Look Fantastic and I couldn't resist ordering something small to aid my shopping habit. I'd been looking around at hairsprays, because as much as I love Elnett, I still don't think its perfect for my fly away fringe. No matter what I try my fringe just does not stay perfect and it's frustrating. Anyway, when I was packing for Christmas I found this in my stash and I thought I'd try it out! I'm super glad I did! It's amazing! The spray itself is not like hairspray, it feels like a super light mist rather than the usual spray, but when you touch your hair afterwards its stuck to it and you can work it into the style you want. If you're someone who likes to scrunch the top of your hair to add volume this is perfect as you scrunch and it stays exactly where you left it!

"With thickening ingredients that grip each strand, Paul Mitchell Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray provides intense hold with lots of shine, while giving maximum volume to boost your hair’s texture. The humidity resistant formula protects your hair against sun damage, guaranteeing high performance hair in all climates. For firm-hold styles with volume and shine, Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray will dry instantly giving you a long lasting style with added weight."

It's definitely super strong hold and as it says above it adds weight to the hair and more importantly my fringe so it stays perfectly in place! As you know the weather is freezing and my hair tends to end up like a frizz ball mess but it's stayed perfect when I've used this! The problem is this is super expensive, for the bigger can which is twice the size of this one, it costs £11! In my opinion it's totally worth it! It's fantastic for volume lacking hair!
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