Sunday, 2 December 2012

I'm suddenly addicted to perfume (Part 1)

I'm suddenly addicted to perfume, out of nowhere? I have no idea where the addiction has come from, but I've gone from one solitary perfume that I where rarely to a whole host of new fragrances that I love! I thought you might like to see the perfumes that make up my collection, so I thought I'd share them with you two at a time!

Marc Jacobs - Dot

"The top captivates with a delectable blend of red berries, succulent dragonfruit, and sweet honeysuckle. The lush floral heart of the fragrance blooms with addictive jasmine mingled with energising notes of coconut water and orange blossom. The scent rounds out with a feminine drydown of creamy vanilla, driftwood, and sensual musks"

This is definitely the perfume that started the addiction! I happened to smell this in John Lewis (I was of course attracted to the beautiful bottle at first) and I loved it, Chris kept complimenting it, but I wanted to go away and think about it because it's so expensive! We then went shopping again and I had a spray again and both me and Chris where in love with it AGAIN. So I knew I had to have it. Luckily I had sold a load of stuff on eBay so I had a lot of pennies to buy something new, so I brought this! I love it and I love having a perfume for special occasions! 

Victoria Beckham - Intimately Beckham

"Sleek, chic and perfectly presented, 'Intimately' conveys the Beckhams world of sophistication, luxury and intimacy. Vanilla derived from the finest orchids amplifies the smooth reflexed fragrance; perfect for the everyday girl-next-door. Shimmering elegance, self assured style, the intimacy of Victoria Beckham. An opulent bouquet of white flowers opens with the pure fresh notes of bergamot and rose petals that linger on the skin."

This one I brought on a whim on Amazon and it's definitely my more 'mature perfume' which I tend to wear when I'm off to a meeting or something important! I like this one when I'm feeling more elegant! I love it, it's very strong though so you don't need many sprays!

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