Monday, 17 December 2012

Clothes Show Live 2012

I've visited the Clothes Show Live a total of five times now and every single time I've loved my trip! I used to go to the one in London and I was gutted when they stopped visiting the ExCel, so now I have to travel to Birmingham from Southampton which is a LONG trip!

Luckily this year me and my friend booked our train tickets well in advance so that we got cheap tickets, it only worked out as £25 return! It does mean that we have a super long day travelling and things but it's worth it! Every single time I've been I've always brought a platinum ticket and it normally pays off, we got AA row tickets which is literally the row next to the catwalk with not a single person in front of us which is amazing! I love being this close to the catwalk as you really get to interact with the models and dancers and it's great fun! Where I've been very unwell the last couple of weeks I'd been instructed by my doctor to travel light which meant leaving my DSLR behind, so I don't have many pictures, but here are a couple from our phones.

The other great thing about the platinum tickets is NORMALLY the goody bag, I remember in my first year we literally got a bag packed full of full size items and items with a big total worth. This year was disappointing to say the least, you'll see by the picture below it included some perfume samples, some tissues and a Bounty bar. Platinum tickets add £15 to the entry price and you expect to get your worth, this bag can't have been worth more than £5. Also they were giving TWO bags away FREE to passers by on exit! NOT impressed!

The stalls were much of the same but I have to admit there were a lot of mistakes in the show guide and a lot of stalls were not included which made things hard to find this year! Also a few of our favourite brands were nowhere to be seen! Nevertheless me and my friend had a fantastic day out! It's a great girly day!
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