Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Latest In Beauty: Editors Choice Box

I've had my eye on Latest In Beauty for a while, they are a beauty box company just like Glossybox, the only difference is that you decide if you like the box and if you want to buy them.
It takes the surprise element out of beauty boxes but it also stops you wasting money on things you don't want! There haven't really been any that have really grabbed my eye until this box. The box was priced at £9.95 including the costs of postage and the items were worth over £45, and finally it was something I wanted to try! Below you can see the list of items;

The box came in a cardboard box with some cute pink stuffing which I love, below I've left the photos of all the items in the box so if you're interested in close ups they are below. My favourite items are the Fixation Make Up remover buds, I love them and they are really good at clearing up my mascara mistakes and the tweezers, they are so cute. Have you ever brought a Latest In Beauty Box? What were your thoughts?

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