Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pixi Energy Blush

If you're thinking this looks gorgeous you'd be right, it is! This is a beautiful Pixi highlighter and blush all in one place! 

"Cheek colour and glow highlighter in pick-me-up colours. These pick-me-up colours are designed to transform you from tired to on-top. Nothing brightens and awakens the face like a attering blush and highlighter in the right place.

Beneficial Ingredients and what they do:
1. Vitamin E: Nourishes skin and delays the ageing process.
2. Silica: Skin conditioning and softening ingredient.
3. Carnauba Wax: Prevents the powder from ever looking cakey on the skin.
4. Titanium Dioxide: Natural mineral with SPF factor.
5. Ultramarines: Natural Mineral pigments that add luster and colour."

This is my new favourite thing, it's such a gorgeous product and it's so versatile! It's really well pigmented and the blush is build able from a light flutter to a stronger glow. But the blush is in no means a replacement for your normal blusher, its just very nice if you prefer to highlight with pink tones and not gold tones. I don't think much of the brush, I actually wish they'd have left the brush out and made the packaging a little less bulky. Although I don't think I've ever brought a product that comes with a decent brush and I suppose it will be good for travelling light on handbag application!

Unfortunately I actually think this product is discontinued, which is really bad news, although you can pick them up from Amazon, ASOS and similar places if you fancy grabbing yourself one of these. I've also read that you can grab these in TK Maxx every now and again, so if you in there a lot it might be worth keeping an eye out.

I'm on such a highlighter hype, trying desperately to find the perfect one! What is your favourite highlighter?

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