Monday, 24 September 2012

Currently Testing: Skin Therapy Oil

I just thought I'd quickly share with you something that I'm testing out, Palmers Skin Therapy Oil. It's a new release for Palmers that I won in a Facebook competition.
I suffer with some really bad stretch marks so I'm always consciously trying to get rid of them! I have used the Palmers cream in the past which worked really well. My initial thoughts are mixed; I'm not entirely sure that I'm a fan of the oil formula, it just feels a bit yuck and to me it doesn't feel as nourishing and moisturising. The scent is also definitely a LOT stronger than in the creams. I actually tried this on my face and the scent made me feel a bit sick. Also, I made the amateur mistake of using this on my face in the morning, which of course ruined my make up application completely. I really like the handy bottle and the pump dispenser though, I used bio oil for a little while and that was a right pain to use! I'm going to persevere with this product and see the results on my stretch marks, I was going to use it on my face in hope it will fix my uneven skin tone, but I think I'm going to find the smell too much.

Do you have any favourite skin treatments?

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