Wednesday, 1 August 2012

POP Your Eyes Palette

This was a bit of a random purchase from my ASOS mini haul! I'd heard quite a bit about POP and wanted to explore their product line in more detail!
I'm on a bit of a eyeshadow palette hype at the moment, I wish I knew why, but I don't! I'm just experimenting a lot! So this little palette got me excited! I brought it in ASOS in the sale for a tiny £9.50 (they are back at £16+ now!) I do love shopping beauty items on ASOS, they are great! They usually have the items at a cheap price, they have free delivery and on most items I qualify for student discount! 

"Exclusive eyeshadow palette by POP. Featuring a collection of 12 eye shadows in shimmer finishes, the palette contains soft tonal nude shades, with vibrant tones and classic charcoal colours so you can mix and match your look. Wear alone or together for a smoky look."

Now this palette is called "brown eyes" designed to make the most of your brown eyes but on closer inspection I saw that it is also the perfect combination for green eyes! Seeing as my eyes are a combination of the two I thought this would be great to try! The palette is lovely, I like the packaging although I would have preferred the palette to have a hard case, I hate the flimsy paper packets as I've had so many products break in these! I'll just have to be extra careful though! I also love the fact this has a mirror, I do love my mirrors in products! The colours are great and have a good payoff, I need to experiment a bit longer to see how long they last but I shall report back! All in all a great product and I'm happy to have brought it for £7 under the retail!

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