Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Barry M Chameleon Paints

I have to apologize first and foremost for the state of my nails in these pictures. They really don’t do the Barry M paints justice! Luckily these pictures are a little old and my nails and nail beds are in a lot better condition now!

Anyway, on to the product; Barry M Chameleon Paints!
These little beauties burst onto the scene a while ago now and being the nail junkie I am, I just had to have them! So I picked them in Boots during a cheeky Westfield shopping trip!  These paints are fantastic, they are the same great quality we are used to from Barry M nail paints and I love the colour combinations you can get! I nearly brought all three colours but thought I’d be good and only got two! Just in case you’re not aware you paint a coat or two of the paint onto your nails and wait for it to dry. When they are dry you grab ANY topcoat and sweep over the nail paint and watch it change colour! You can have block colour or if you use less topcoat you can get a streaky colour line like mine! Amazing! I’m so easily pleased! You can play around with all kinds of designs but I’ve just mastered stripes for now!

I definitely recommend you picking yourself up at least one of the colours, they are amazing value and great fun! A bargain at just £3.99!

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