Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Six Pounds Lighter...

So yes you read that right, I’m six pounds lighter than I was when I announced by new healthy lifestyle. Amazing! 

I have to admit I had a rubbish weekend, Chris’ family came down for his Silverstone experience and it was a weekend of unhealthy eating, I was ridiculously emotional and not eating yummy food was making me worse! I even had a cheeky slice of pizza which I hated myself for! 

So come Sunday night I was feel pretty rubbish and down in the dumps! I had my salad and figured I’d get on the Wii, do some Wii Fit and then twenty minutes on my exercise bike. If you don’t know, every time you use Wii Fit they ask you to do a body test to track your progress. Chris was on the exercise bike behind me and I turned to him and said (being the optimistic sausage I am) “Oh this will make me feel better – I bet I’ve lost nothing and the miserable weekend has been for nothing”! Stepped on the scales and I was a whopping six pounds lighter! Yippee! Six pounds in 5 days! I’ve never seen results from any diets at all so I am over the moon!

Just proof at the moment to show that, salad, vegetables, no sugar and watching what time you eat your Carbohydrates really does make a difference!  
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