Monday, 30 July 2012

Revlon Lip Butter & Swatch

I finally got my hands on a Revlon Lip Butter, I hear you cry, "another Revlon review" - yes another Revlon review, but I won't bang on about them for hours, we all know how good they are right?
The reason they've taken me so long to pick up is because they are actually pretty expensive! I'm not a big lip product fan so spending £7.99 on a lip butter seemed a bit steep. I couldn't resist though in my Superdrug haul, plus they were on offer so I saved £2 yay!

I brought number 050 - Berry Smoothie which I just love! It's such a beautiful colour and I love the name! By favourite thing about these lip butters is that they are super buildable, from a light shimmer to a nice block colour (see swatch below). My least favourite thing is that they don't seem to last very long! This HOWEVER might be because I'm using a natural "my lips but better" colour, so I can't see it so well!

Anyway, if you fancy a treat pick up one of these, or two, or three! 

Available at Boots here.
Available at Superdrug here, both £7.99.

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