Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A new healthy me..

As of yesterday I had to integrate some lifestyle changes, pretty big ones actually, by my standards anyway! I’ve suffered for a long time with knee pain, which is a result of an injury in earlier life, and recently it’s got to the point where I’m in a lot of pain. So after seeing a physio yesterday lunch time, I’ve had to integrate an exercise routine and diet to support my muscles and make them get stronger. On top of this I’ve had to integrate a weight loss diet. I’m fairly overweight at the moment and it’s impacting on my knees and back! I’ve tried this a few times but my knee injuries have stopped me exercising, so now I have a physio, a personal trainer and a dietician to make things happen! I’ve had to cut out any unnatural ingredients and sugars, ditch any cold drinks excluding water and homemade fruit juices and switch to green tea. I’ve had to integrate foods like Dates into my diet and other super foods that are well known for their success rate with weak muscles! I’ve had to change my eating routine, cutting all carbs out of my diet after 2pm and increase my protein intake as well as my green vegetables!  They are possibly things I should have already been doing, but all sorts of things have got in the way, so it’s time to implement them and kick myself out the rut!

Why am I telling you this? Well you lovely ladies know that I love blogging and this will be a big part of my life, so I think I’m going to start a healthy lifestyle section on this blog!  I think there are a lot of blogs about this around but I’m not sure how many around are newbies trying out things for the first time!  Hopefully they’ll be informative to read and if not you’ll probably laugh at my healthy virginity! So I’ll be blogging about my experiences as well as my beauty posts and lifestyle posts!
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