Saturday, 28 July 2012

Mark Hill RAW: Style and Shine Hairdryer

When my hair-dryer recently went bang I obviously needed to get a new one. I really loved my old Remington one, it was lightweight and did the job, but I only brought it two years ago, which I think is pretty crap for a hairdryer!
Anyway, I began searching for a new one and I saw that Boots had an offer where all Mark Hill hair dryers were half price! I initially loved the design, I'm a sucker for something funky,must I didn't want to spend a lot on money on something that was pretty! It turned out that the RAW collection got some pretty good reviews, so I brought one. There are a few hairdryers in the range and the one I picked is the Limited Edition Style and Shine Leopard Edition available here ( I've been using it for around two weeks and I love it! First of all it's gorgeous, I know, how can you say a hairdyer is gorgeous?! But it is, I love it! It drys my hair super duper fast and injects a lot of volume and shape! You can adjust the speed a temperature separately, which I think is normal these days, but I do love having two seperate options! It is quite a big hairdryer and a bit heavy than my old one, but its still useable and does cause me any problems! The thing that drew me to this hairdryer, other than its good looks, was its long life motor. The hairdryer has an extra long lifetime, so hopefully it will last longer than my old one! I really love this hairdryer and I thoroughly reccommend it! I really want to try some mark hill products now as I expect great things from this brand!
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