Sunday, 22 July 2012

Current Favourites

Just a quick post as I thought I'd share with you some of my current favourites! I'm going to review all these products seperately! Let me know what you're eager to hear more about and I'll do them in order!

First up is the Accessorize Lovely Day palette which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago (here) I absolutely love this palette, the colours are really well pigmented and although I haven't experimented too much it's the colour combinations yet, I'm loving the natural colours as an alternative for work! As you guys know I love the packaging and I love the mirror inside, makes it so much easier. You can buy the Accessorize palette in Superdrug stores.

Barry M Chameleon Paints are amazing! I absolutely love them and they are am absolute bargain! I've really enjoyed doing something different with my nails and having a bit of fun! I'm not sure if you can get these online anywhere yet, but you can definitely get them in Boots stores! 

Next on my favourites list is the 17 Brightening Eye Concealer. I actually got this for free on offer, I do love the offers on 17 cosmetics! I've really enjoyed using this product, it has a pretty good coverage and I love the brightening shimmer it leaves under the eyes! It leaves you looking wide eyed and bushy tailed! You can buy this here for £4.99. 

My favourite product this month is Collections Shimmer Shades, so much so that I'm currently waiting for another one to arrive in the pink combo! They are great on their own and they are also great blended together as a blusher! They are also great for highlighting and contouring! An all round great product! You can buy this here for £4.19.
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