Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Meet the Brand: Vivo Cosmetics

VIVO Cosmetics is a new cosmetics line which celebrates being ‘alive with colour’. Exclusive to Tesco the sensational on-trend collection, benchmarked as the MAC of supermarket make-up brands, includes a range of stylised make-up essentials for all beauty junkies.
For the first time ever VIVO brings catwalk inspired looks to the convenience of the supermarket but without the hefty price tag. The brand happens to be produced by the same company as my fav cheap brand MUA!

"Awaken your playful side and bring colour and style to life!
VIVO will not fail in it’s mission to brighten your day with amazing product without the hefty price tag! VIVO deliver solutions to your handbag to bring that touch of colour and style whilst giving you the performance you need.  From amazing baked shimmer palettes that create show stopping shimmer with shades for your eyes and cheeks to ultimate solutions with brow kits and concealer kits, that definitely wont let you down on the go.  Bringing solutions that work in a handbag is VIVO's key aim and above all is stylish and amazing value. Be alive with colour everyday!"

Here are a few bits that I ordered online to check out, as you can see they have a wide range of products, I was very sad to see they don't make nail products though! Reviews coming soon!

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