Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hanging Wash Bags

I'm not sure whether this shows how lame I am, or if it shows I just love a practical product, but I just wanted to share with you my latest buy! I've been waiting for this to arrive for ages as Debenhams lost my first one! It's a hanging wash bag. Now up until a couple of weeks ago I didn't even know these things existed and immediately I find it a bit exciting. Sad I know.

This summer we have to move in with my in laws, where our room is tiny and we have no storage, there isn't even space for a mirror for me to get ready every morning, let alone store everything for four months! So this little beauty seems like a good way to store everything. It has four compartments, it folds together OR you can hang it somewhere! I love! Also it's perfect for holidays, as again I can just hang this in my wardrobe! I also love that this particular one has a detachable separate bag which Velcro's on!

I know this seems like a bit of a pointless post, but in all honesty I think this will wow a lot of women struggling for storage, or people who need a new travel purse!
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