Monday, 18 June 2012

Collection Gel Liner Black

This little black box come in the May Glossybox. 

I have to admit it's not something I would normally buy, actually scrap that, ever buy! I went through such an eyeliner phase in my teens that I haven't been back since. I have to admit I'm quite glad it was in the Glossybox and I had the chance to try it!

I love Collection 2000, I think they are a great brand and they make some fantastic products very cheaply! This is no exception! This little gel eyeliner is only £4.99.

I love the packaging, I'm such a packaging whore, anything that comes in a pretty box is for me! I think it's nice when a product comes in a box, it makes it feel a little more luxurious! It's not something that Collection do very often, I think it's probably because the gel liner comes with its own brush! 

I can't say much about the product, I'm no eyeliner expert, but what I can say is that the product has some extreme staying power! As you can see from the swatch below, I tested it on my hand very early in the morning and come the nighttime it was still there on my hand in pretty good condition! This was after a day of cleaning, washing up, cooking - you get the jist!

The other thing I will say is that for an eyeliner novice this is a VERY easy product to use! The brush is fantastic and the gel glides on with perfection!  

The gel liner comes in four colours; black, brown, teal and gold and is available in Superdrug or online here for £4.99.

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