Sunday, 17 June 2012

Accessorize New Beauty Range

Accessorize recently launched a whole new range of beauty cosmetics to add to their successful range selling in Superdrug stores nationwide. 

I was really excited to hear about this and was even more excited to see that my Superdrug already had the range in store despite its release being a couple of weeks away! 

The new range includes;
Two new eyeshadow palettes; Lovely Day & You Are Everything (£8.95) 
A new mascara range; Fibre Lash Lengthening mascara, Flutter Curl mascara (£5.95) 
Eight new lipsticks that I cannot wait to get my hands on (£4.95) 
Eight new lip glosses (£3.95) 
A new set of new nail polishes (£2.95) 
10 new baked mono eye shadows (£2.95) 
Brow Pencils (£2.95) 
And a new range of perfumes 

The thing I was most excited to pick out is the Lovely Day palette, which was actually on offer so I paid just over £5 - bargain! 

I absolutely love the packaging! Although I think cute packaging is something we come to expect now from Accessorize! I think it's lovely and it's very handy to have the piece of elastic t hold the palette together when you're not using it! The You Are Everything packaging is also ├╝ber cute! I actually preferred this one (I think I was feeling a bit patriotic ha) but the colours are not something I'd use! Another geeky thing to add is the fact it has a mirror! Seems trivial, but I love my MUA palettes and it was such a pain on holiday where they don't have a mirror attached! 

The palette is also a super portable size, which is great as it defiantly saves you having to travel with multiple palettes! 

The palette comes packed its 32 separate eye shadows, which have a combination of matte and shimmer eye shadows. I love the fact there's A combination of neutral and brighter shades! It's definitely encouraged me to use the pinks more which is a good start! 

Despite the fact there are a whopping 32 eye shadows in this tinny palette the eye shadows are a great size, each one is roughly the size of a 1p piece, so you can easy get in there with a eye brush! The colours are great and really easy to use, pretty well pigmented and also great fun! I think the shimmer shades are definitely much better than the matte shades with regards to with much pigmentation and staying power! This does tend to be the norm though when comparing products like this.

I love having so many colours in just one small palette! I cannot wait to try the rest of the range!

All Accessorize beauty products are on offer in Superdrug here.
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