Saturday, 5 May 2012

W7 - The Cheek of It

This is the second blusher I recieved in a swap when I was on a bit of a pink hype! This one scared me a little, it's definitely pretty bright in the pan. It's made by W7, another discount make-up brand I've become increasingly aware of recently. The product did take a lot of building up to get to a pink colour you could see in a swatch, the swatch below has had about six coats and is pretty neon, but I'd never wear it this bright!

W7 however seems quite difficult to get hold of, they don't seem to have a standard website where you can order from, so the main supplier seems to be random websites and eBay. It's definitely a bit hit and miss where you can find items! When you can get hold of it though, it seems the price is pretty tiny - just around the £2.30 mark, £3 here on Amazon, £2.45 herejust over £3 here, Cheap as chips!

I liked this powder though, it was easy to control and I think you could get some great results! 

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