Thursday, 3 May 2012

Recent Purchases

Hello everyone! Recently I have so much to blog about and just not enough days in the calander! So I'm sorry if you think I'm spamming your feeds with posts from me! I just wanted to show you some of my recent purchases, some of the bits may have already featured on here but I just thought I'd do a little catch-up post.

So as sad as this is, one of my dreams came true last week, Chris ordered me my first proper Cath Kidston item, this stunning purse.
I've wanted one for longer than I can remember! He treated himself to some new funky headphones so this was my little treat! We got it from ASOS so I could get some student discount AND free delivery, because Cath Kidston's postage is horrendous! It's already my favourite item in my handbag!

I got these beaut polishes from Ebay, I paid £3.72 for the two Topshop ones (BARGAIN!) and £2 including postage for the W7! I also made a cheeky purchase on the Beauty swapping page, £15 for ALL of these polishes which included first class postage! I couldn't resist!

This is the only thing I brought home from Cake International! :( Got these mega cute cupcake cases for £5 (for all three packs) I'm a sucker for pretty cupcake cases!

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